Why travel with Ascent Trails?

Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

One of our main principles and goals is to operate eco-friendly trips throughout Nepal. We not only employ local staff to help them make a living but also make sure that we are only leaving our footprints behind. During the trip, we use everything local from our accommodation to meals & porters. We try to use all possible resources to make our trip ethical.

Likewise, we encourage our guests to not leave their waste behind. Moreover, we give a bag to each of our guests and request them to bring all of their waste and other wastage that they see on the trail. All of our team members and staff are fairly paid and respected for their work. We believe in growing together.


All of our trekking and climbing journeys are led by professional and active leaders who have years of expertise in the Himalayas. Not only that, all of our guides are natives from the Himalayas who have been raised amidst mountains. They are well-known with the atmosphere and the region that stand out from all other guides. Not only that our guides are well-trained and certified to lead the groups. To increase the safety of the guests, we have made all our senior guides to go through the First Aid Course, Rescue Course, etc. While traveling with us, you will be in safe hands.

Dedicated Team Members

We have separate team members that help to run daily activities of Ascent Trails both in-office and on the field. All of our team members are experienced and professionals in their field. Whatever outdoor activity you choose to do with us, you will be getting great service.

Professionally Designed Packages with Ample Rest Days

We have designed our itineraries including adequate acclimatization days in every package. This not only keeps you away from high altitude sickness but also allow you to spend an extra night in beautiful villages and soak the beauty of the region gradually. You will see our itinerary is longer than other operators, but we make sure you complete the journey without having any trouble.


During climbing and expedition, we provide training on how to climb and cross difficult parts along with proper uses of gears. Your team leader will also brief you about the route in camps before moving ahead. One of our training also includes the short climb to nearby hills/viewpoints that will help you increase your confidence.

Rent Gears

We do offer rental service of the gears. All of our gears are originals and from top-quality brands. While renting with us, you will not only save money but also get the best products.