Covid-19 Pandemic & Booking Update for Spring, 2021/2022

  • Dec 6, 2020
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After the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world brutally, almost all the countries got into partial lockdown or long isolation. Every industry and business got affected by this, and we must say the entire travel industry has suffered a great loss, and it is still suffering to this date. As the cases began to surface in Nepal, the Nepal government took immediate measures and held all the international flights for a short time, which later got extended as the situation got critical globally. This resulted in a huge spike in trip cancellation for us, Ascent Trails. 

From day one, we have made sure the safety of our team members, guests, and partnered business always comes above everything. As the lockdown was implemented in Nepal, we helped our guests who got stuck here with affordable accommodation and meals. This was our first step in the response to the crisis and gradually helped them return to their home country safely. But as time went by, things got bigger and clumsier for all of us. 

Now, after months of lockdown, Nepal is again open, taking all the possible measures against Covid-19. Some of the trekking trails are also open. Things are a lot more normal than before, and the locals here have become cautious. We understand the time we are in right now is beyond anyone's control, and the best thing we can do is support each other. 

We have begun taking bookings for spring 2021 with the hope to organize adventurous trips like before. If you have any booked trip with us, then we highly recommend you postpone it instead of canceling. We have made the postponing process easier, and you will not get charged any fee for postponing the trip. Moreover, you do not have to confirm the new dates immediately. There might be fluctuation in the price of hotels, food, guide, porters, etc, but you will not get charged with any extra cost.

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Safety and Precautions when Travelling to Nepal


Until effective vaccines land in the market, we have been using different sorts of measures to make sure traveling in Nepal does not harm any individual. As per the recent announcement of WHO "Coronavirus may never go away, and we have to learn to live with it like other viral diseases- Measles and AIDS", we think with little effort our life can be normal again like before. 

From making sure everyone on the team gets tested frequently before meeting our guests to examining the condition of the region we will be traveling to, we are doing everything for an adventurous yet safe journey. We have also removed sightseeing from our itinerary for time being to avoid crowded places. 

Below are a few things that should be done from your side to not only ensure your safety but our team as well:-

  • Stay up to date on vaccines and booster shots as per your local government travel advisory
  • Get tested 72 hours ago once before leaving for Nepal
  • Wear a mask as needed and maintain distance in the airbus. Check what measures the airline has adopted for safe flight before booking a ticket with them
  • Get tested once again after landing at Tribhuvan International Airport
  • Wear a mask and sanitize whenever you go out in Kathmandu
  • If you feel you are getting down with a cold, inform the company immediately so that we can advise the best possible option for you

Upcoming destinations for Nepal's Spring 2021 and 2022

As the cases are increasing and decreasing on a daily basis, the open destinations for traveling can change. The good thing is that the Himalayan region of Nepal is less affected by Coid-19, and only some places have seen a few cases. A couple of months ago, the Nepal government announced, Nepal is open to foreigners for traveling purposes. We are taking bookings for non-affected and less affected areas, like the Everest region, Annapurna regionDhaulagiri regionManaslu region and Dolpa region Likewise, all the mountains and peaks are open for climbing. We also recommend you include camping for your accommodation during the venture to avoid any sort of crowd on the trail. For camping, there should be at least 4 members in the group, not including guides and porters. Feel free to send us your inquiry any time.

Ascent Trails family in the present condition

Ascent Trails is a small family with members from both cities and remote mountain villages. After the surge of Covid-19 throughout the world, we have canceled/postponed all of our trips. Of course, this has affected our team badly. We have been making sure all the individuals related to our company can put food on their table. We have also distributed meals to the most affected families as well as a raised fund to support workers from remote Himalayan areas. Fortunately, all of our team members are safe and did not get affected by the coronavirus to this date. We are always communicating with all of our team members and making sure they can return to work whenever needed.

Tourism protocol for trekking in the Himalaya while staying at lodges for TREKKING, HIKING, MOUNTAINEERING

  • All the trekkers and climbers have to trek with authorized traveling agencies & licensed guides to ensure safety.
  • Mountaineering/GT/FITs should not make any change in the approved trekking itinerary.
  • Group size should range from at least two people to a maximum of 15 people.
  • The team leader has to report the health condition of all the group members in all the health posts that appear on the trekking route. The company should maintain these reports regularly for future contact tracing.
  • The group also has to do through health check-up in every health post along the way.
  • Group Health Check records, including before and after reports, should be submitted by the Agency to the Department Of Tourism (DOT).
  • A clearance letter confirming the responsible disposal/return of non-biodegradable garbage has to be obtained from the local government body or authorized entity in the trekking area.

Providing adventurous journeys and comprehensive service is our goal and will always be. We are hoping that things will get further normal in the coming spring season and preparing for the journeys. Still, we don't know what tomorrow has in its pocket, and if there is more to it, but we are always here for any of your queries. Make sure you are safe and be strong & smarter with your choices. We hope to see you soon in the Himalayas, sharing cheerful laughter and beautiful stories, once again - Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Check our website or contact us anytime for booking details.

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